Observing Independence Day

Here’s a few suggestive time and places to watch free fireworks in

the Northeast region of Los Angeles:

July 3rd

Near and around Dodger Stadium

around 10:30 -11:00pm

July 4th

Hollen Park

415 South Louis St.

at 9:00pm

Eagle Rock
Eagle Rock Recreation Center
1100 Eagle Vista Dr.
Eagle Rock, CA
9:00 p.m

El Sereno

El Sereno Recreation Center
4721 Klamath St.
El Sereno, CA
9:00 p.m.

Near and around Dodger Stadium

around 10:00pm

For more information on more places to watch free fireworks,

check out: http://safejuly4th.org/fwshows.htm

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Tour de Lincoln Heights

An experience running in an urban neighborhood.

The ball of my feet bounce off the hard pavement as I take each step forward.

The smell of burned fuel released into the atmosphere from nearby cars are distinctly noticeable.

And the sounds of buzzing engines, spinning wheels, and squeaking  brakes are more audible than the foot steps of people roaming about on the streets – yes, this is the experience of street running in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles.

Looking at Lincoln Heights old prison from a distance.
Looking at Lincoln Heights old prison and industrial trucks from a distance.

The running condition may not be ideal, however, the experience of running in an urban setting trains my body, mind, and spirit to become aware of the immediate surroundings and its activities.

Running under these conditions, I have become aware of the different settings of each parts in the neighborhood. Some parts will be more hazardous with evidences of unpaved, cracked, uneven  sidewalks or they are simply littered with too much junk making it difficult to run or walk on.  On the other hand, there are other parts in the neighborhood that accommodates the runner with more favorable conditions because of limited cars passing by, better paved sidewalks, and less obstacles.

The routes I take varies from day to day.  Some days I start from Avenue 21 make my way round Pasadena Avenue, make the turn round San Fernando Road, and make another turn round Humboldt Street.

One of the handful of local churches in the neighborhood.
  One of the handful of local churches in the neighborhood.

Other days, I will take a run round Avenues 23, 25 and 26. Then there are days where I will change my scenery and run round the landmarks of Lincoln Heights library, the postal office, and Lincoln High School.

I have yet to come up with nick names for each of these routes; however, they are not important at the moment since the basic goal of my run is to simply reach a mile and beyond every day.

And to ensure I reach my goal, I bring a little friend of mine, my cellphone which has an application that tracks my progress of every step I take on the hard concrete street that continues to challenge me to do my best.

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Join us every Wednesday as we will start filling a new page entitled ‘Wednesday’s Minor Activity’ devoted to Project Run where we will upload pictures of landmarks, landscapes, and experiences in our run in the communities of Los Angeles and nearby cities in Southern California.





Graphic Storytelling with Warehouse Publishing


Due to an emergency, Warehouse Publishing will not be able to attend today’s event at Cal State L.A.

Join us once more as my friends and I return to Cal State L.A. on Tuesday, May 19 at 2pm to share our experience with you on some of the behind-the-scenes process of how we collaborate and execute our talents in bringing you Northeast Avenue, a graphic novel, on a weekly schedule; this would be an excellent opportunity for you to get an idea on what it’s like to be an independent artist and/or writer who’s looking to get him or herself noticed or who wants to get a starting point in the genre or who wants to experience another approach in telling a story.

This event will be free at the Student Union main floor and there will be some giveaways too.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event; cheers!


Urban Community Project

Remember the jack hammering and the annoying clicking sounds I mentioned in an earlier post?

Probably not. Well, those early remarks I have made before which wakes me up from my deep slumber are gearing towards a goal of making a building complex for cooks or businesses that deals with food to be a part of the community.

The complex will have over 20 individual kitchens and looks to have a state of the arts equipment set up for the purpose.

The release date is unclear but when it is ready it will change the way of how the community businesses conduct food.

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Clever Theives Invade Northeast Region Community

Locking your car doors in this part of the community does not stop or prevent thieves from stealing something from your car. They will literary steal anything that’s worth cashing in for a quick payday.

This past week another incident occurred on the public residential streets: 2004 – 2006 Toyota Camry owners awoke to find their cars missing a converter box (the box behind a car’s muffler).

A handful of residents suffered from this loss and are left with limited options: buy the part and self install it or take it to the local mechanic shop and have someone buy and fix the part back into the car.

Apparently, the perpetrator(s) who did the job are professionals: they knew the value of the part, had tools and knowledge and plans to execute and get the job done, and were more than likely people who live within or around this community and knows the surrounding keenly well.

Speaking of communities, residents of Chinatown have also experienced an identical incident too.

It is a shame people do not respect other properties and are greedy.

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A Commentary on the Los Angeles' Lincoln Heights and other surrounding communities

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