Introduction: A voice in the community

Welcome to the Lincoln Press blog. The blog is design to focus on the happenings of current events that occur in the Lincoln Heights and its surrounding communities.

As a resident in the Lincoln Heights community, I will do my best to gather, develop, and share a fair account of news worthy stories with you.

However, I would like to ask you, residents of Lincoln Heights and also residents near the community, to send me your knowledge, updates, or concerns about your community so we can start expanding our awareness.



2 thoughts on “Introduction: A voice in the community”

  1. There is no sweeter place or moment on the planet Earth than cruising up Broadway past King Taco through the Heights on a chilly November morning with the sycamore leaves washing away and the San Gabriels scratching a hard autumn edge against the pure blue sky.

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea — a way to link communities together – I am from the mid-Wilshire area, not far from Lincoln Heights, I’d like to share the number 311. If your home or apartment is tagged call 311 and they will send someone to clean up the graffiti… the sooner you clean it up the less often it seems to occur… keep our LA walls clean, peace.

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