Neglected Community Streetlights Wait on Service

One of the two streetlights on Humboldt St. that needs maintenance.

In my community, there are two neglected streetlights, located on Humbolt street that crosses by North Avenue 23.  Because of the neglected streetlights, it encourage violators to damage to the area’s parked vehicles, and in addition, it also encourage violators to plan possible ambush attacks on unaware drivers who walk from their parked vehicle.

(On the map below, the blue indicator shows the lights’ location)

Although a confirmation has yet to arrive explaining the streetlights’ neglect, I have recently sent an email message to the Los Angeles’ Bureau of Street Lighting department asking for streetlight maintenance service. And within a few days, an email message from Jeffrey Ziliotto, the Assistant Division Manager of the department arrived.  In the message, Ziliotto said in order for light services to take place one must provide the lights’ address and will have to wait within two to five days for a maintenance group, the Night Crew, to arrive and address the maintenance problem.

At the time of this blog’s publication, I have already provided the information needed so Mr. Jeffrey Ziliotto and his crew department can find and repair the streetlights.

This blog will continue to keep an ear out for any updates.

Please click on the images below to see more of the blog’s story in photos.


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