An encounter with the Odds

The other day I was hanging out with my sister near downtown Los Angeles. What started out as a trip that involved getting some materials ready for school and having lunch, turned out to be a chance to sight the odds in Los Angeles. When I mean ‘odds’ I don’t mean homeless people, or people with disability. However, the word ‘odds’ here means something one wouldn’t expect to find or see in an ordinary day, but one happens to stumble upon it or happens to see it in existence for the first time merely out of a coincidental chance.

First, on our way to the register in the Office Depot store, I noticed that they were selling a calculator that is shaped similarly to an X-Box controller. I felt confused at first on what the marketers were trying to tell their consumers when selling them their product. I mean were they trying to sell the calculator off to the targeted young, gaming audience and have them assume that the calculator is some sort of video game they can play with as they solve their math problems? Or are the marketers really helping their targeted audience adjust to their familiarity into something they wouldn’t do otherwise since they assume their gaming audience only knows how to work a game controller? If that’s true, then what does that tell us about our intelligence as humans in this society? Call it what you may, but I’m sure there’s no positive word or reaction from this situation.

After we left the store, and were on our way to lunch, I took a snap shot of the “Sister Cities” of Los Angeles – at least that’s what the sign says – as it sits on top of the many other branched out signs that points out to distant Sister cities. At first glance, one may be overwhelmed by the branches of cities since all of the signs appears to be pointing directly at the same place. Perhaps the signs are there to mess with tourists since it looks like a trap for them, or perhaps a trap for anyone who trust its directions.

Perhaps one of the most distinguished highlight of the odds on this trip comes from the slogan of this company’s truck. I’m sure the picture says it all:

Would anyone care to call them in for any services? I’m sure the person in the company is a highly trained professional since the name implies confidence on one person to do the job.

And that wraps up this blog entry for this week. Until next time, this is the Commuter Voice.


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