Los Angeles’ Winter Wonderland

After six days of intensive rain in Los Angeles, I was able to catch a brief glimpse of relief away from the gloomy weather – I spotted a rainbow. Yes, a simple rainbow.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit cheesy coming from a guy who’s been stuck indoors most of the time due to wet weather, from a city that’s known to welcome its inhabitants and visitors outdoors to its good, warm weather year round.

Since the wet weather has strolled into this part of the Southland and hasn’t offered much relief -the least one can do is try to entertain, and stay warm and dry indoors. (Look at the bright side, it isn’t as bad as being stuck indoors with colder climates that exist in the East Coast of this country. No disrespect to my fellow East Coasters). Because here in the Southland, one doesn’t have to worry about getting firewood or enough burning materials to stay warm – instead, one just needs an extra shirt, a long sleeve shirt, or an extra jacket, or even a blanket to wrap one self in to stay warm.

And if the weather permits, depending if there’s a break in between the rain, one can go outside briefly, for a walk, to run minor errands, or just to get a cup of tea or coffee, with an umbrella in hand, without having to worry about getting snowed in their residency.

Maybe I’m starting to make my fellow Angelenos and the rest of Southern Californians sound spoiled, but it’s true that one doesn’t have to worry about extreme cold weather that forces one to isolate themselves from the rest of the community. Yet, the sad part of being spoiled in good weather is that when it turns sour, one doesn’t always know what to do since one lacks that part of knowledge and experience. Aside from that – one shouldn’t complain too loudly about one’s weather if they’re living here in Southern California since the weather doesn’t really become too cold in the winter.

But do watch out for summer time weather! It does get pretty damn hot here.


4 thoughts on “Los Angeles’ Winter Wonderland”

  1. I LOVE this weather. I do have to admit, it’s pretty bad for the people whose homes are getting destroyed from flooding and mud and those who have been forced out due to the dangerous situations that come with having a house on a hill, and I truly feel for them, but in terms of weather, overall, it’s nice that it’s cold (even if it’s all wet).

    Being a native Californian, I know it’s typical to adore the hot weather that is this state’s trademark, but I just cannot stand that. Summer is a real bummer (now I’m a poet and you didn’t know it) here, and Winter and rain are really what I look forward to all year here (another rhyme!). The downside of the rain? The idiots on the freeway. Most can’t drive when it’s dry, and adding on the chaotic variable that is hydroplaning is just a recipe for disaster.

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