UPDATE: A Tale of Exploitation

Clothing factory employees waiting for their delayed salary.

Employer short changed on employee’s pay.

Last week, the clothing factory employer at Lincoln Heights community began distributing its delayed, physical form of pay to its employees.

The pay, however, were separated in two piles: paper checks and cold hard cash. Employees (about 6 of them) who chose to continue to work for the employer were given cash while employees (the majority) who have since left the company but returned to collect one’s delayed pay were given checks, according to my mom who spoke to one of the employer’s assistant.

Employees, like my mom, who received the check noticed that the amount is smaller than the actual total work hours. And to make matters worse, the check that my mom and her co-workers cashed into the bank did not go through. After their visit from the bank, she and her co-workers ended up getting a printed out check from the same employer without a fool’s proof guarantee that there would be money upon cashing the check.

This lack of management seriously signals not only a neglectful employer leading an unhealthy, corrupt relationship with its employees, but also a company that seriously struggles to balance its fiscal situation, which assumes itself into a speculation that the company may be near a possible collapse.

To see the origin of this story, click here: https://commutervoice.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/a-tale-of-exploitation/


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