Police Investigation in Lincoln Heights goes Unheard

(Map above shows the stationed police officers on the crime scene)

About 7:15 pm yesterday afternoon, dozens of police officers blocked off Avenue 23 and 25 in the Lincoln Heights community.

Officers were looking for suspect(s) since no one were allowed to leave the location.

However, it isn’t clear how long the entire investigation took since I only happen to appear during the scene.

And it isn’t clear whether the suspect(s) was attained by the officers since the best advice for any civilian is to stay off the crime scene during any active investigation.

This event was not reported or have been broadcasted by any local news organization(s).



2 thoughts on “Police Investigation in Lincoln Heights goes Unheard”

  1. Did you happen to find out what the crime committed was?

    It is also possible that there haven’t been any reports on what happened due to lack of information. Not every crime (large or small) receives attention.

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