Returning to Dodger Stadium

Watching a Dodger’s game is still fun at the Stadium despite increased visible security.

Crowd watches the game at Dodger Stadium while an on duty officer is on patrol.

Going to Dodger Stadium is a privilege. It isn’t always easy to score tickets and find leisure time to watch the city’s best major league players take on today’s best players in the game of baseball.

Despite recent news media blaring about its speculations and its reminder on the Stadium’s tight security that’s been set off as a chain reaction after the Bryan Stow’s attack on opening day, the ball park itself still stands as a place where one can kick back with friends and family, a Dodger dog, nacho, and a beer (or a soda) to watch the game.

Whether one’s sitting at the outfield box, infield section, bleachers, or at the dugouts, it’s the one place where one doesn’t have to be rich to watch the game since everyone at the Stadium has a good view of the game.

I will, however, agree that the prices on food and parking at the Stadium does plenty of damage to one’s wallet, making one wish one was rich to foot all the bills.

Although the visibly increased security at the Stadium may have scared some baseball fans away, I have to admit that most of the officers on duty are pretty nice and courteous to all fans attending the ball park, flashing smiles, directing wandering fans to their requested locations, and even sharing a laugh with fans during the innings.

Dodger's future hangs on to the support from Angelenos.

Hopefully, fans in the Los Angeles communities won’t allow security scrutiny to stop one from taking an opportunity to watch a baseball game at the place where one may call  “a slice of Paradise on Earth.”


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