Gateway around L.A.

Taking Metro public transportation makes it easier for one to get around and see L.A.

Commuters traveling through Los Angeles Union Station.

As a commuter, I, like the rest of my peers on the road, are used to driving in the city to get from one point to another.

The frequent hustle and bustle of traffic jams is the practical norm during rush hour, if not at most hours.

It’s only recently that I’ve began to re-learn my commuting routes around the busy city using public transit and my own two feet burning the soles away on the pavement.

There isn’t anything wrong with my car (in case you’re wondering), but the idea of always using the same old method to commute on the same old route have lost its excitement.

Across the street from Central Library lies Cardio Hill, known to kick start your heart.

Fortunately, the recent adjustments has given me the chance to see my city from a new perspective; the similar view one gets when one travels to an unfamiliar terrain.

The city actually looks much bigger and smells much more different when traveling on foot than in a car zooming down the road.

The advantage of taking public transit for me so far has been the chance to really get to know my surroundings and to get a feel of the people who lives and work in and around the city.

The majority of the people I’ve encounter so far has been the working class people. The people who work so hard to earn barely enough to pay the bills, and maybe have a little taste of entertainment on the side before going back into their field of work.

The only disadvantage of taking public transit, however, has been the waiting period. Some times it can take a small toll on my patience. Yet, overall, the transit hasn’t completely disappointed me.

Eventually, I’m sure that as public transit becomes used more and more frequently, and it becomes convenient for the majority of commuters, there would probably be a time when the community as a whole will stop using their own cars because it will be much more cheaper to use the public transit in getting and seeing their own hometown.


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