Poetrypalooza Tour Invades Los Angeles

Graphic Designed by Cindy Hui

A summer event tour ready to rock L.A.

For the past four months, my colleagues Kimberly Cobian, Rae Shaw, and I have been working hard in developing two overlapping projects that are unique in their own rights. One is a short film, inspired by Cobian’s poem titled “Mujer de Fruta” or “Woman of Fruit”  is scheduled to become a live action work, and the other project is a festival aimed to bring poetry and its art aspects into the lives of every day people.

What started out as a focus aimed to develop a short film to reach a theater audience has now grown in drawing in a larger audience to attend a living, breathing project that can be felt with all the five senses.

After all the countless hours and energy spent in our weekly meetings together, my colleagues and I have formed a series of fundraising events that is set to tour from the East to the West communities of Los Angeles.

This ten day – yes – this ten day tour event that starts on August 19 to the 28th will feature live music performances, poetry workshops, and live spoken words from renown local poets, artists, and experts from the community. Our special guest host for the tour will be local renown Los Angeles comedians Tony Cosby and Joe Luu.

For folks here in Lincoln Heights, the event will be making a tour stop at Cafe in the Heights on Friday, August 26 at 6pm.

Special guest talents scheduled for appearances at the event are the following: Live poetry readings will come from local community poets and writers and from the Zzyzx Writerz group; the instructor for the poetry workshop will be Therese Hernandez-Cano focusing on Women’s Strength Poetry; live theater performances presented by Wicked Lovely Films will present Crystal V. Cotton, who will perform monologues from “For Colored Girls”; Alice and the Rabbit will be the event’s musical act. 

Pin point: Our flyer is pinned against a bulletin board at Cafe in the Heights

Admission to the tour’s event is free.

All contributions from the tour events will benefit our current developing short film project with Wicked Lovely Films, Cinema Poetry Productions, and the Zzyzx Writerz group.

For more information about Poetrypalooza, its schedule tour dates, its featured talented cast and crew, please check out: http://poetrypalooza2011.weebly.com/index.html

Please copy and paste the following link to see our short film production storyboard we’re planning to turn into a live action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4CBBUdql4A

For information about Wicked Lovely Films, please visit: http://wickedlovelyfilms.weebly.com/index.html

For information about the Zzyzx Writerz group, please check out: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ZZyZx/222482261099468


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