Heights’ Warehouse Chill Spot

Midsize bar and a pool hall at the edge of Lincoln Heights.

Located on the cross streets of Main and Griffith, there’s this medium size garage building I pass by every time when I head off to work or school. From the quick glances I’ve remember taking, the building is painted white, its door is secured with black gates, and there are no windows – the place pretty much looks like an old abandon warehouse.

It has not occurred to me that I will walk into this place one day and see first hand what this place is about. And that day arrive last Friday when my sister and I stepped into the place, and find ourselves being the center of attention.

Okay, not to sound like I’m bragging or anything of the matter, but I suppose this happen because we are a young crowd entering a bar filled with older folks already in it. And to see a younger crowd enter into a bar like that, it will, of course draw attention. And further more, I don’t want to draw the race card out, but I think at the time, we are the only Asian group at the place which may have created an awkward moment for everyone.

Photo from http://www.layoutsparks.com/1/206447/pool-table-balls-game.html

Despite the attention shift, things resumed back to normal pace after we started becoming more familiar and comfortable with the place and the people around us so we started playing some pool and drinking some cold beer.

Fortunately no bar fight happened which would probably may have made this post more interesting. But that shall be another post for another day.


Next blog post will be on Tuesday, October 11. Stay tuned!


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