Community’s Lost Paradise

A small community public park, River Garden, on the edge of Lincoln Heights, close by Cypress Park, has outgrown its glory days.

Inside the wildly overgrown vegetation park of River Garden.

Dark green vines tangle themselves around and about the barely visible black fence that is now covered with overgrown shrubs and over hanging tree branches.

If one were to drive by the park’s area – its location W. Ave 26 and N. Ave 19 – one would easily miss the park completely since the park’s hidden within its own heavy vegetation; in addition, the park’s overall appearance, quite frankly, doesn’t give its visitors a warm welcoming invitation to enter its premise either.

From outside: the entrance to River Garden park.

Despite the park’s unwelcoming vibe from the outside, inside the park attracts weary travelers who are looking for a place to rest one’s tired feet, offers a temporary rest place for the homeless, and a place where it feeds the curious an idea of how the community feels about itself as it is reflected on the park’s condition. Unfortunately, the community as you may have notice from the park’s description, isn’t doing so well in terms of sharing its own care to its self image since it’s not well maintained.

Of course, the community overall can’t be the scapegoat for the park’s poor maintenance simply because the community doesn’t seem interested or engaged with the the park’s public appearance since city’s public service who are suppose to care for the park too, aren’t doing their work very well at their end.

The limited river flow at River Garden park.

It would be best, if both groups, can come together and draw up a plan and a budget to keep a small city park like River Garden clean so it can reflect a more positive image on the rest of the community and restore its tranquil quality it yields to its weary traveler, a homeless person, or a curious fellow who explores its terrain looking for an adventure.

Next Tuesday’s post, October 25 shall be a special Halloween story. You’ll be dying to read it. Stay tuned!


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