The Search for L.A.’s Best Chicago Dog is On…

The strong desire to find the best Chicago dog in L.A. has taken a hit with my colleagues and I as we begin our mini eating tour at Old Town Pasadena.

Stepping into the warm and intimate venue of Big City Hot Dogs, my colleagues Ken, Kimberly, and I were excited to see how our Chicago dog orders would turn out.

To my surprise, the dogs came in three different types of meat: regular turkey or beef hot dogs, and beef hot link sausage.

All three of us ordered one of each meat for our L.A.’s made Chicago dog.

As the order arrived to our table, we looked at our dogs dressed in yellow mustard, chopped white onions, green relish, sliced pickled jalapeno, a dash of celery salt, and lying in between two thickly sliced tomato wages and a dill pickle, all wrapped in a warm baked sesame seed bun – I’ll tell ya now, I was in warm heaven for the moment as I stared at the dog before me while the temperature outside dropped.

Food Vanity: Pasadena's Big City Hot Dogs' version of the Chicago.

Lifting and biting into our own warm dogs, I could almost hear the soft “mhmmmms” uttered from the corner of both my colleagues’ mouth.

After the meal, my colleagues and I took a brief moment to reflect on our experiences that were based on the waiting time, the dog’s presentation and its taste, the pricing for it, and the customer service. The judge’s verdict are as follows:

Ken gave a 20 out of 25.

Kimberly gave an 18 out of 25.

I gave it a 21 out of 25.

Next story post: Tuesday, November 15.

Sneak Peak: We will continue our search for L.A.’s best Chicago dog at Duarte. Stay tuned!


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