Late Autumn Season in Full Bloom

The beauty of autumn is fully revealed.

Standing on the Lincoln / Cypress platform train station, I’ve noticed the beauty of autumn have sprung itself onto the leaves of trees all around me as its color changed from light green to dark red orange as they hung onto the branches of trees.

Now I know the word ‘sprung’ and ‘bloom’ is usually reserved to describe the spring season; however, those words can also be used for the autumn season because it still contains life before the cold harsh winter season arrives on the scene.

Here are some snap shots to illustrate what I mean:

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Talk Back

Now it’s your turn to pick your favorite post. Starting this week ’til December 13, I’m going to allow you, the reader, to select the top 5 post of 2011. So go through the archive on the right hand side of the blog’s site and select 5 stories or post you like best from this year, and briefly state your reasons behind your selections, and send them to

The result of the 5 best post of 2011 will be revealed here on Dec. 13.

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Next updated post: Dec. 6


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