Late Autumn Beauty Glows Over Wild Nightmare

The beauty of late autumn continues to glow brightly over its windy mess.

The guided trail in Schabarum Regional Park.

After the brutal winds that attacked Los Angeles about a week ago, all seems to be calm when my companion, Kimberly and I took a stroll in Schabarum Regional Park in La Puente Hills.

The tranquil silence that fills the air help eases the brutal memory of the wild winds that have caused black outs and property damages for residents living in the inner and outer regions of Los Angeles.

From the walk on the guided trail, to the mountain top climb that reveals the view on the city of Industry and beyond, the park yields a valuable experience that no store can offer and no money can buy.

Standing close to the edge of the mountain, with the view of the city and its reach that nearly touches the clear blue late afternoon sky, the experience allows me soak in the beautiful works of nature and allows me to also reflect how graceful I am to leave the busy insanity city life for a while.

Spotting large piles of fallen tree branches along the sidewalks in Pasadena are not unsual after the wild winds.

Upon entering the city of Pasadena – the city that’s hit the hardest by the wild winds – still have fallen tree branches lying on the streets, symbolizing a reminder to residents and visitors of its windy nightmare.

Fortunately, the fallen hazards are being cleared away and as you’re reading this post, things are and  will be getting back to its normal operations, and before you know it, Christmas or X-mas shall be a time again where we can reflect on the good fortunes we have had this year, and then we can start looking forward to welcoming in the new year.

Talk back Reminder

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