A Slice of Fast Food Thai Paradise in L.A.

Chicken Pad Thai

Fast food Thai restaurant packs large taste without the hustling crowd; a look back on this year’s blog stories as selected by you.

Nestled in a small plaza across the street from L.A. County and USC Medical Hospital, a chef in a cozy Thai restaurant stir fries away in her wok in a hot steaming room as she prepares a customer’s order.

The sounds of hot oil splattering in the wok and the instant sizzle can be heard once the customer steps into the warm restaurant.

As the customer walks forward, the customer is greeted with a warm smile and a friendly “hello” or “welcome” and a slight bow from a woman behind the cash register, which adds an extra layer of hospitality that coordinates with its already warm, and easy going atmosphere.

Although the restaurant focuses on the fast food approach in delivering its goods, the customer, namely me, don’t get that feeling where I need to rush and place my order or need to schedule a time to make a physical appearance to the restaurant so to avoid its chaotic times.

Yes, this is a fast food place without the rushing, pushing, shoving… you get the picture.

As I place my order of the day: Chicken Pad Thai, the woman cashier calls out the order in Thai to the cook.

Waiting at the table, I can hear my order being stir fried in the hot oiled wok. The aroma from the kitchen reaches me as more ingredients are added to the wok as the stir frying continues in the engulfing flames.

When my order arrive, the woman cashier called out “Your Chicken Pad Thai is ready, sir.”

Reaching out to receive my order, the woman cashier gives another bow, and says “Enjoy.”

From the moment I open my meal box, the presentation of the Chicken Pad Thai is the first to draw me in. The layer of bite size grilled chicken slices, firm cubed tofu, a handful of raw beansprouts, chopped green onions, and finely chopped peanuts rest delightfully on top of well seasoned rice noddles. The presentation of the meal is also decorated with a side salad of mixed shredded light green and dark purple cabbage and shredded carrots.

The taste of the Chicken Pad Thai is good with all the flavors mixed together in my mouth. The only objection I have about the meal is the noddle’s condition of being too al dente because I like noddles that melts in the mouth, otherwise the meal overall is good.

I would recommend this place as a quick way to satisfy your urges for Thai food when you’re on the go or when you’re around the Lincoln Heights and close by neighborhoods.

Thai Kitchen

2000 Marengo St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

(323) 221-2873

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