Chinese New Year: What a fun rush!

Enter the Dragon: Dancers emerge with the fire breathing creature.

There’s nothing quite like Chinese New Year.

It’s a time when the spirit of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or X-mas, and of course, the celebration of a New Year arrives completely packaged together and is ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed all in one day – or should I say – allows itself to be enjoyed for one week so to give one plenty of room to digest all the holidays within the squeezed time frame.

Like each Western holidays, Chinese New Year, becomes an exciting event, especially when its day approaches near.

Both children and adults still lights up when someone mentions the day of Chinese New Year is upon them.

Greetings: The monk from the lion dance interacts with a person from the crowd.

Just before midnight, all through the house, everything have been swept – not a single trace of dust seen – the echoing ripple sound of firecrackers can be heard from afar as each family brings in the New Year and scares away the bad, evil spirits from yester-years.

With the arrival of the New Year means another opportunity for a family to start themselves off well with a strong gathering of friends and love ones, as good food are prepared on the table to accompany them.

The New Year continues on with the exchanging of best wishes to one another: wishing for good fortune, good health, many opportunity of gaining material wealth, and for one to gain happiness in one’s pursuit or endeavors.

The celebration is followed with the exchanges of red envelopes, where the married gives to the young and to the bachelors.

With a full belly, everyone is satisfy – especially the young and the bachelors with their new gained fortune ready to invest and save so to pursuit their own opportunity for happiness.

Bundles of wealth and joy: Red envelopes and oranges fills this basket with the symbols of good material wealth and good health.

If only if the spirit of Chinese New Year can extend itself for one more week: giving one some more time to become comfortable with its essentials so to feel and smell its flow as it hangs about in the air.

But I suppose having too much of a particular something would only overwhelm and do more harm than good to the receptors.

Let’s keep it in moderation.

I wish you a happy, good New 2012 Year!

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