Lincoln Heights Community Turned Tragedy to Empowerment

Community reflects on and turns tragedy event into a positive focus.

Walking on Daly St. and Ave 26, one can hear the familiar distant car horns go off and the rushing sound of wind as cars from the street whiz by the quiet pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Most of the people in the community, still shaken from the recent news about the kidnapping and murder case of 22 years old Bree’Anna Guzman, struggles to return and live confidentially as before since the incident occurred.

The struggle, more of a psychological than of a physical problem, can be seen when one looks closely at the greatly wide physical gap two people take from each other when standing on the public street – a sign that suggest that trust between two fellow human beings have been lost because of the fear that centers and surrounds the Guzman’s aftermath case.

The fresh memory of the case, however, haven’t scared off and sent everyone into hiding. Since January 30, Neighborhood Walk – Take Back Lincoln Heights event accumulated and encouraged masses of people in the community to come together and act as a collective or group rather than as an individual so to combat against hatred and intolerable acts and help the community become a better place to live.

Observing the people on the public street, one begins to notice the influence continues to grow as more and more people are beginning to walk in pairs or in large groups. The age range in the group spans from teenagers to middle and older, and the specific gender in the group are women.

And for those who are not in a group, that’s okay, one is within watching distance from others so one will would not be in harms way in the streets of Lincoln Heights.

A memorial held outside Humbolt St. for Bree'Anna Guzman.

As the lighted candles in the plastic cans begins to dim, and the roses begins to fade in honoring the memory of Bree’Anna Guzman, one thing for certain shall not be forgotten: the people of Lincoln Heights shall refuse to live in fear and allow it to take control of the community.

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