Community Library Closed

Community’s gateway to other worlds have closed – at least temporarily.

Excuse me for sounding like a complete nerd, but I can’t stand seeing a closed library, especially when it’s one that is so close and dear to the community’s heart.

Welcome to Lincoln Heights Branch Public LibraryThe library is a place where valuable information are exchanged, where people meet other new people, where one simply goes to check out materials, or simply needs a quiet place to read, study, and listen to one’s own thoughts. Okay… maybe studying in the Lincoln Heights library is not the best ideal place for one to engage one’s thoughts deeply in the material in front of one since the volume of sound can vary from low to moderately loud, but hey, it’s still a place to get some work done outside the house if one’s place is too cramp or maybe one has a place that doesn’t give off a welcoming vibe for one to engage their mind into because of many disrupting factors.

Enough of the rant and slant, the library is closed because according to the library’s official sign posted in the front is due to the building’s need of maintenance repair; however, no specifics about the repairs are mentioned.

While the library’s closed to the public for the next five weeks, the librarian Shirley reassures me that the drop-off box will be in operation so patrons can return their library materials without having to travel to another branch.

As the community’s library takes a pause in its services, residents of Lincoln Heights like Sammy Blanco, a UCLA undergraduate currently studying Economics and Chicano Studies will have to commute to other libraries to find resources for his academic research. Blanco also informs me that his younger brother and mom, patrons of the library themselves, will miss visiting the place because it has become like a brief family vacation or a tradition for them to leave the house on the weekend and explore different books, and other materials so to become more expose to the larger world around them.

For now all patrons of the Lincoln Heights library including myself will do the best to adjust to the temporary change in the community.

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