Hot Dog Joint Done Gone

Pasadena’s local hot dog joint packs up and ships out.

This past Wednesday, after working out at the Pasadena gym, I was surprised to find Big City Hot Dogs, a local hot dog joint closed.

Pasadena's Big city Hot Dogs Closure.

From the outside looking in, the dim neon light cast its gloomy spotlight on the back wall behind the counter that once held the restaurant’s menu; the light also fills in the empty spaces around the front corners of the counter of where the cold fridge, the chip stands, and the fountain drink machine used to be.

This eerie, peaceful silence only brings back the brief memories I’ve share at this place with my closest friends: from giving this place a trial for its food and atmosphere to visiting this place for the search of L.A.’s Best Made Chicago Dog.

Dwelling back on this brings back bitter-sweet memories. It’s bitter-sweet because the place didn’t offer a package deal for a meal since everything was sold separately, but the quality of the food that one received was quite good because the owner or the cook who made your food always used fresh ingredients.

I shall miss the smell of this place as I walk by its door while visiting Pasadena, but I won’t forget about the place.

Next post: Thursday, March 22

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