Zzyzx Meets Zzyzx

Background Story

Zzyzx: The point between nothingness and inspiration.

This past Sunday the Zzyzx Writerz visited Zzyzx Road – the point between nothingness and inspiration – or for others: the point between California and Nevada’s state line.

After the trip, participating Zzyzx members were interviewed and were asked the following questions:


– Describe what your experience has been like to visit Zzyzx Road.

– How would you describe the experience of leaving your comfortable hometown to go to a desert where almost anything can happen to you?

– What would be the best highlight or moment in the trip that you will personally remember for the rest of your life?

– And a bonus comment one can add onto that wasn’t covered in the interview.

Listen to the podcast below:

Follow along with the podcast transcript:

First Segment:

Kimberly Cobian chilling in the desert.

Kimberly Cobian: I didn’t know what to expect at first because apparently none of us have been there. But I just hear stories about it and I just thought “what the heck,” I mean let see what’s out there and let see what’s our name sake is all about, and when we got there, and we discovered all this history, and beautiful nature, and agriculture research, I mean – we were just, I was spell bound, and I was so happy to find out what’s this is all about it’s not just some funny spelled road on the way to Vegas, it’s something more, something that’s part of our California history, and monuments, it’s pretty cool.

Levi Quintana: It was interesting aside from the wait, it made me realize a lot of things, like one: I really hate the desert. Kinda disappointed that the salvia didn’t work as well as I hoped, but I guess it must’ve been defected, it’s kinda weak, but overall it was really fun hanging with the Zzyzx Writerz, taking pictures, saw a lot of cool things over there, I don’t know, I had a lot of fun going over there, you know, not really thought of the desert.

Armando Ortiz pondering in the desert.

Armando Ortiz: You know for me I go hiking. So, and then you know, so I’m interested in the different environments, and so part of going to the side where even if no one’s in the desert environment and you know, what I mean to complete and see if there’s any wild life out there, that was, you know, out there.

Nghia Lieu: You’re just out there and it’s silence and you’re out there it’s silence, and the only thing you can hear is the wind.

Second Segment:

Levi Quintana keeping cool in the shade.

Levi: I’ll say the desert isn’t as dangerous as L.A. is, I mean, the things that I’ve done that wasn’t really… I didn’t really feel any danger out there at all, I mean, I feel more in danger crossing the street than walking out there in the desert with everybody, I mean, we were at a facility, I mean if we were out in the middle of the desert, I mean, just much of the sand and there were mountains around us and maybe there would be something to talk about, overall it’s just a desert, man.

Armando: Chances of anything happening to us out there were very slim.

Kimberly: If anything did, I did get a little dehydrated, for one, I mean even though I did get physically dehydrated, my soul is full of inspiration, ideas, and hope because even though we’re a young group, I just feel like we’re gonna keep rolling and gonna keep soaring with this.

Nghia Lieu enjoying his moment in the sun.

Nghia: You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve been out of the city and I don’t really consider areas like the Mojave, I don’t really consider them [as] places where I could get in danger, you know, basically they’re certainly an extension of the city in my own mind.

Levi: It’s hard to say, we did a lot of cool things there, I really dug all the pictures that everybody took there, and everyone seems to have a really great time and to get away for awhile from the city and everything like that, and just talking to everybody, and even the drive over there was really cool talking with Lisa and Ken, and just being with the company of everybody will be the thing I’ll remember the most.

Kimberly: I think my favorite moment… was…. gosh.. if I had to pin-point a moment. Okay, I think my favorite my moment has to be when we were all there. We were there together, the Zzyzx Writerz, in Zzyzx, California and then just those few moments when we’re all together, you know, either under the shade or under the sun and started to exchange ideas like crazy.

Nghia: Highlight, um, Levi recording me taking a piss on the desert because I’ll be forced to remember it since it’s on video and it’s probably up on Youtube right now.

Third Segment:

Kimberly: I hope in the future we can make this an annual pilgrimage and not just among the founding members of Zzyzx but future generations of Zzyzx, other writers that we bring in, and come chill with us it’ll be really awesome like maybe, down the line we can have a sponsorship and we can have like a writers’ retreat out there that’ll be something really great.

Lincoln Press wants to thank Armando Ortiz, Nghia (Ken) Lieu, Kimberly Cobian, and Levi Quintana for helping to make this week’s blog post and podcast possible. Thanks guys! 

Next post: Thursday, April 5


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