A Street Hole Tale; plus an Upcoming Attraction in the HEIGHTS!

A paved street hole and a coming attraction in Lincoln Heights

The one hole that caused all the commotions at Avenue 23.

For weeks now, the pot hole that has settled itself too comfortably on Avenue 23 has finally been filled.

Over the past few weeks before the hole had its filling (no pun intended) , my sister and a few other visitors to the community have complained aloud to me about the hole had sunk their car when they accidentally drove into it or they forgot its presence and thus felt the Big dip underneath them.

The diameter of the hole was about 20 to 24 inches, and the depth of the hole was about 4 or 5 inches in. Its was never a dull moment and sure not a fun one either when one happened to drive into it.

Mark your Calendar for an Upcoming Attraction

On Friday, April 20 Lincoln Heights is going to have a live art gallery event. It will be at Cafe in the Heights. The event will start at 6pm to 11pm and it will feature art from local and visiting artists, live music, refreshments, and live poetry readings.

Next Post: Thursday, April 19


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