Loco for Tacos

Local Mexican restaurant at Cypress Park community has been satisfying taco locos or locas since 1953. 

Appearances can be deceiving: they're not fish tacos. These are actually carne asada and chile colorado tacos.

Across the street from Cypress Park Branch Public Library, sits a Mexican restaurant / discount store called La Morenita which literally translates to mean “the brunette”.

Feeling the need to satisfy my hunger and curiosity, I walked across the street on a Thursday afternoon and paid this place a visit.

Upon my arrival, I found myself in a cozy lobby area where customers lined up in front of a counter and placed their orders.

As I stepped up, I ordered two carne asada tacos and one chile colorado taco.

Waiting for my order, I couldn’t help but observe the ways of how the restaurant operate itself: from writing down the customer’s order, exchanging the money between the merchant and the customer, to posting up the order and seeing the family members quickly move on their feet and hands as they prepare the customer’s food.

As I watched them, I noticed the older lady behind the counter moved very swiftly around and through the kitchen from slapping the tortillas to flipping over the meat on the stove top to scooping up meat or soup into a customer’s plate or bowl.

My food however was manged by an older gentleman called Pepe. He told me he was a student at Abraham Lincoln High School in the 60s, and was a teacher there too as well as a resident in the Heights.

The touch that Pepe put onto the food was delicious. I tried the chile colorado first, and the beef was moist and very easy to chew through. The carne asadas were pretty good too. All of the tacos were served in soft flour tortilla and were wrapped in shredded cabbage, diced tomatos, shredded white cheese, and one scoopful of sour cream on top.

After the meal, I thanked Pepe, and left the restaurant with a full and satisfy stomach and a peaceful mind.

Reminder for Upcoming Attraction at Lincoln Heights

On Friday, April 20 Lincoln Heights is going to have a live art gallery event. It will be at Cafe in the Heights. The event will start at 6pm to 11pm and it will feature art from local and visiting artists, live music, refreshments, and live poetry readings.

Next post: Thursday, April 26


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