Celebrating the Arts, series 1 of 3

Arts used to restore order in the surrounding neighborhood of USC.  

Los Angeles Festival of Books at USC

As I stepped off the bus and entered the USC campus ground for the 17th annual Festival of Books event last weekend, I was immediately swept with great excitement.

Although the wind was still and the sun was hot, it only made me jump and skip with joy like a child who was given a chance to spend a day at the comic book store.

The skipping, however, would only pause for a moment when I was reminded about the recent tragic event that had taken place – not too far from the main campus – that involved two foreign exchange Chinese students Ming Qu and Ying Wu.

Fortunately, the memory of the news media of the two students was halted when a feature poet on the Festival stage started to speak aloud about the hard facts of being African American in American Society. Although I don’t recall the poet’s name who spoke so boldly on the subject – I do, however, recall that he mentioned about knowing how society actually works and playing it smart will save one from trouble when trouble finds one in a tight or difficult situation.

As I listened to the poet, his words began to empower me with confidence and helped me channel my negative reaction about the recent tragedy and turned it into a more positive reaction that gave me a stronger reason to believe that wrong doers shall come before justice; the poet’s words may be sentimental, however, if one were to do what one knows is the right thing to do and can some way help the rest of us live a little better, then it would mean paradise – at least a slice of it – has been delivered here on Earth.

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