An L.A. Blue Tradition

Pop-quiz: where can you find a large mass of people wearing blue, white, gray, and possibly a little black? Answer: at Dodger Stadium, of course!

“Its root, root for the DODGERS!”

As the Dodgers continue to have their best season by far, more and more folks are finding themselves drawn to a seat at the stadium – if not already, glued to their radio, television, or computer screen – at least for us casual or hardcore baseball or sports fan, anyway.

It’s a complete 360 turn around from last season’s team when comparing it to this season’s – I mean we’re talking about a team where every player does his part in making sure everyone is moving together as a whole unit each and every step along the way.

One of the biggest moment that I’ve experience this season’s break through arrives from the April 28th game when they took on the Washington Nationals where they were trailing by 2 points at the top of the ninth inning. By the time they went over time, and pulled through with a homer from Matt Kemp – that was the moment when I stopped doubting and starting believing that this team has all the greatest ways to turn their potential wins into actual ones – and perhaps enough potential to get themselves into the World Series.

Supporting the Dodgers and American’s favorite past time all in one sitting.

But for now, I’m happy to wear the blue and sliver lining hat, don on the Dodger uniform occasionally, and become part of the crowd cheering aloud at the stadium, in front of the screen, or at the radio as I witness this season’s team strive towards their victory in the making.

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One thought on “An L.A. Blue Tradition”

  1. I remember that April 28 game so well.
    I was standing out in the parking lot, just enjoying the new absence of murders and looking for my car when I heard this enormous roar from the stadium crowd and looked up to see a ball dropping out of the sky toward me so I removed my dodger ballcap, extended it up and dang, Matt Kemp’s home run ball dropped right in so of course I took it home and had it bronzed and it now sitting on my mantle next to the picture of my mother wearing her Dodger blue sweatshirt, Dodger blue ballcap and Dodger blue socks.

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