Chinatown Leaves Town After Dark

A dark quiet Chinatown outside the feature venue.

This town is dead at night.

Seriously, barely anyone walks on its sidewalk.

And if you find yourself walking alone after dark, you may find yourself becoming a little more self conscious as you walk by places where streetlights or lights from the shops are limited.

This eerie realization of Chinatown only occurred to me when I was walking from the train station to The Grand Star Jazz Club and vice-versa last Thursday for an event.

The event was called Typical Americans: A Literary Event Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which featured writers Traci Kato Kariyama, Ed Lin and Chiwan Choi who shared an aspect of their life experience as well as their selections of written words. The evening’s comedian, Kevin Kataoka, delighted the crowd with his sharp observational humor.

The evening progress with guest musicians Stella Moon whose jazzy and pop-like music gives contemporary music a new approach in direction, and Grainshifter, a mostly electrical instrumental band that gives the genre a continuous flow.

The pleasure and honor to become a part of the audience in this kind of event is a rare treat especially when it’s in Chinatown.

What was the famous line someone once sang in an old song? Something about  “no one walks the street of L.A. after dark” or “no one walks to street of L.A.” period?

Whichever way it goes, it seems Chinatown, unfortunately, has now become the symbol of that famous or now infamous line from that song.

Next Post: Thursday, June 7th

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