From Chinatown to Little Tokyo, and Back Again

The stretch of Little Tokyo on 1st St.

It isn’t hard to see why this small town is popular with the crowd.

Whether one happens to be in the mood for a bowl of hot, steamy Japanese ramen or a bowl of spicy curry, one can be assured that their appetite will be satisfy in Little Tokyo.

Afterwards, with a full stomach, one can stroll easily along the streets and browse through each store and window shop as long as one’s heart desires.

The village shops at Little Tokyo.

But if one sticks around longer or perhaps come back later at night, Little Tokyo becomes a whole different creature.

With live public entertainment – mostly low cost or free, depending on the event – it adds more life to the night as more and more people gather about to enjoy the atmosphere and the people who participates in it.

This town literally has everything within reach in a short distance walk or a ride away; stretching from 1st and barely traveling pass south on 2nd street, and starting from east on Alameda and barely passing by Spring street on the west, the town of Little Tokyo, has opened its space and allow diverse businesses to enter its premise so to keep crowds coming and staying at its place. Because Little Tokyo has many diverse shops and continues to keep up an active engagement with the public within its town, Little Tokyo, may be the main symbol of modernity that Chinatown seems to need in its town.

An unchanged Chinatown that continues to endure its past into the present.

As you may recall from last week’s post, Chinatown is dead at night – and mostly half dead on the week days too.

Unlike Little Tokyo, Chinatown seems to be the only town that refuses to allow outside Western businesses (expect for American banks) to enter its premises simply because it wants to maintain its comfort zone for its community and its people.

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