One of the few classic stories about the Lincoln Heights community that deserves a re-read.

The Lincoln Press

Located in the heart of Lincoln Heights, a community garden is growing peace and prosperity, a necessary symbol of hope, for residents and friends. 

When I first visited the community garden, I didn’t know what to expect. The first thing I noticed upon my arrival was the faded old green iron gates in front that protected the large white house. In between the house and the gate laid the front garden, overgrown with bushes and tree tops that need serious maintenance.

When I arrived to the front porch, I noticed the house looked as if it was going through some modification adjustments since the painting on the house looked fresh. As I made my way up the front steps, I also noticed there were things like boxes and chairs and garden tools still lying about.

As I approached the front door, a dog behind the door’s fence greeted me first…

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