At the Car Wash

On a quiet street in Lincoln Heights, a family owned car wash business is ready to cool down the heated pressure from the current economy.

With two yellow flags staked up front and decorated with the words “Car Wash” waving in the summer hot air, the customer’s attention is not only alerted by it, but also by its affordable prices.

Pulling into the driveway, the customer leaves one’s vehicle with one of the help. As one stands in the center of the place, one becomes aware of all the other vehicles parked before one’s within the area.

As one watches one’s vehicle being washed, one can see how little time it takes for the  help to do the work. First, the spray of polishing liquid on the wheels, second high speed water onto the car itself, next, a quick rub-ba-dub-dub of car shampoo, and finally, with another blast from the high speed water to rinse.

Once the exterior has been wiped dry, the interior then becomes the main focus: vacuuming, and shinning polish on the dashboard, and of course, a little air fresher scent left in the car for that lasting impression.

When the job’s done, and the car before one shines nicely and clean, one pays the help with the agreed base and of course, one’s tip.

Driving out of the driveway, one has only respect for this family because they know how to pimp up one’s ride.

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