Chinatown: Quiet At Night, but Always Watchful

Chinatown’s night life may be off, but its community is always full of life.

At first glance, Chinatown may not seem like an active community especially in the political or social aspects.

But on the contrary, the residents and visitors of Chinatown are indeed aware of the comings and goings in this community’s continuing development.

One of the intensity that sparked this community’s development awareness arrived over the weekend when protesters from Chinatown, nearby neighbors, and people from other parts of L.A. join forces to deny entrance way for a Wal-Mart to be built near or around Chinatown.

Protesters claim that Wal-Mart’s presence will sharply shut down every local business near by because they simply cannot compete with their low prices of exchange goods.

According to the Los Angeles Times article, journalist Ari Bloomekatz reports that Wal-Mart has clearance with the city to build one of their stores at a 33,000 square feet area at Cesar Chavez and Grand avenue.

The Wal-Mart store will give one easy access to more choices to fresh produce, meat selections, and a variety of other grocery items within one’s reach. In addition of providing one with access to nutritional needs, a Wal-Mart store will also open up job opportunities to those who seek employment, and it can also attract other businesses to bring in more visitors to Chinatown, and perhaps that will up start a night life.

There is a catch, however. If Wal-Mart enters and establish themselves in Chinatown, there may be a possibility that Chinatown will need to change its name to Wal-Mart town due to the trend a Wal-Mart store leaves behind in the location it occupies.

Yet, attracting more visitors, both new and current ones, to Chinatown, and making it the hot spot to be doesn’t hurt, right?

What do you think? Should Wal-Mart open shop at Chinatown or should Chinatown reject this proposal? Post your ideas and comments; thanks.

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L.A. Times article: Thousands rally against Wal-Mart in Chinatown


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