At Cliff’s: 5 of 6 Series

The place never fails to amaze or impress me – no matter how often I’ve visit the place – to find something new in the old store. Unlike most bookstores I’ve visited, the old bookstore, is like an old best friend who always take the time to have a sit down meal conversation with his friend since he has a high level of patience and maturity to understand one’s concern. The old bookstore, like the old best friend is always ready to meet its browsers or customers so to engage him with the day’s pleasurable activity. There isn’t a single visit where I felt I needed to rush on a browse or a search through the stacks or selves of books. No, the atmosphere of the place, however, invites me to stay cool and relaxed to take the time I need to look at the available books that’s ready to catch my interest. Since there’s no real set directions on where one can begin one’s browse for books, one becomes the leader in deciding on which direction one wants to take. Like the old friend, the bookstore keeps its ears open and listens carefully and intently in on how one presents the direction sequence in one’s story. The browsing session like a conversation one have with a best friend then becomes an open ended discourse where the subject of direction traveling becomes an open discussion for interpretation. The discussion on direction traveling in this particular situation would take on the possible argument of whether there is such a thing as a non-existing starting point of where one ought to begin one’s browsing session from; however, if no starting point exists, then would the point marked as a starting point then cease to exist? However, this open discussion would remain reserved in the unconscious since one may not completely bring it out into their conscious mind while browsing through the collection of books. Yet, nevertheless it is the experience of visiting the store, and now reflecting on the experience allows me to re-think about my visit to the store, and it further allows me to see that there is neither an absolute beginning nor an absolute ending on the browse for books in the store.

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