At Cliff’s: 6 of 6 Series

Finally… the last installment of the series begins…

Even though the bookstore from the outside appears to be frozen in time, it is not to be mistaken that the place has lost its value. It is a place that represents the idea of preserving the past. A place where it welcomes the people of today to visit or re-visit the past without hoping for an invention of a real time machine. It is a place where the past becomes part of the present, and the present becomes part of the past; both time frames coming together to form a perfect solid harmonic union. With this connection established, the collection at Cliff’s Books will probably never be completed despite its already overwhelming population of books since browsers / customers in the near future would need to make a trip to the bookstore so to stay in touch with the experience on the art of browsing for books in a quiet, comfortable setting where time freezes, but the mind exceeds.

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