Quiet Protest In Closed Parking Lot

Closed postal service office parking lot sits idly by.

The gate to the Lincoln Heights postal service parking lot remains closed to the public.

Wrapped in cold, heavy shackle chains sits the closed postal service parking lot located on Johnston and N. Broadway St.

The start of the lot’s closure arrives when a neighbor who’s responsible for locking up the lot decided to use the property for one’s benefit and turned it into one’s own parking space.

When that happened, another neighbor noticed and reported it to the postal service office, and the office stepped in and had the person removed from duty.

The problem, however, continues from there when the former employee decided to use one’s own chain and lock to shut out all postal service customers from entering the parking lot.

Although the postal service has had removed the chain and lock, the former employee would return and add another set of chain and lock further above the gate – making it more difficult for the postal service worker to remove.

There has been no word from the postal service office of how they will resolve this problem. But when they do address this problem they need to be direct in explaining that this behavior is unacceptable because it demonstrates unprofessional management which causes unreasonable delays for customers who rely on the provided services from the postal office.

Next Post: Thursday, September 20


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