A Stroll Through Humbolt Street

The sign of the street.

Community street faring for the better.

The street of Humbolt has changed for the better since the last time I’ve updated a discussion on the subject.

Now walking through Humbolt at night doesn’t seem too intimidating because there are working lights that guide one’s path (the lights also helps keep auto thieves away from one’s parked vehicle); however, the walk on Humbolt isn’t a complete welcoming one since the street itself is still littered with scraps of waste, mildly graffitied walls, and also lined with some empty, abandoned buildings.

On a positive note: there hasn’t been any reports of vehicle damages since the lights came back on, and no report of high level crime at Humbolt street.

Now there’s something to be happy about as I stroll through the street of Humbolt.

Next Post: Thursday, October 4


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