Oktoberfest Arrives To NorthEast L.A. Region

Well, not quite.  

Many, many, many beers: at least that’s the motto cheer for all beer fans and lovers alike.

Okay, the actual event isn’t officially called Oktoberfest whenever there’s beer involved.

However, what is involve (in addition to alcohol) is artwork from local artists. Yes, art and alcohol together officially making its public appearance is celebrating its event at the L.A. Brewery. The celebration marks its 30th Anniversary Artwalk milestone.

Here visitors will have an opportunity to see and buy artwork directly from local artists, and of course, have a sip or multiple ones from their favorite brew delight as they walk from one gallery to the next hoping to find that special piece of work to add to one’s collection or help one start up one’s new art collection.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the NorthEast region of L.A. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed with this event since it’s been running strong for twenty-nine years, and it will continue to run stronger as it reach its anniversary point and beyond.

Have fun and please drive safely and cautiously.

L.A. Brewer

2100 N. Main St.

Los Angeles, CA 90031

Time of Event: October 20 & 21 (Saturday and Sunday)

11am – 6pm

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