2012 Lincoln Heights Community Election Turn Out

Decision Time: Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council election held its doors open at the Senior Community Center for residents and citizens alike to cast in their ballots.

This past weekend, Lincoln Heights had its 2012 Neighborhood Council election.

The election was held at the Senior Community Center from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.

Every thing and body seem to be in place: the voting booths, paper, pad, and pens, clerks behind their desks, chairs, the ballot box itself, but the residents themselves.

I wasn’t surprised when an official informed me that the event has been a low turn out: considering that the event wasn’t mention in any mainstream media or that there was any strong efforts on the candidate’s part and in the event itself to host any community campaigns to promote themselves in the public.

The results of the election shall be out within two weeks or less, as I’ve been informed. Once I have them, I shall post them up for you to see.

 Next Post: Thursday, October 25




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