Artwalk at The Brewery

L.A. Brewery Artwalk Exhibit near Avenue 21.

Artwalk event turns out another hit!

The Brewery Artwalk was quite an extended tour beyond my imagination. The artwalk was covered with a diverse forms of works from local artists.

As I stroll through the exhibits, I took in the sights and saw traditional paintings on canvases, bent metals, and dry glue sculptures, and to more abstract and somewhat vague forms of art stacked into forms of furniture and to lights and images projected onto the screen.

Ideal living space of an artist.

With a cold beverage in hand and sipping it as I walked through each exhibit, it only made it more pleasant. However, the only thing that distributed my pleasure was that some exhibit rooms were not well ventilated so you can imagine how hot and steamy the room got as people began to fill in the space.

A featured exhibit from a local artist.

Although some exhibits didn’t allow photography, I did manage to snap a few that caught my eyes, which blew my mind because I could only imagine how each artist was able to visualize their thought and produce the thought from their imagination and shape it into their creation using the materials they have and making sure the final work captures its essence.

This was one of the few artwalks I’ve enjoyed strolling in and through and look forward to seeing many more to come.

 Next post: November 1, 2012 Thursday, November 8                Next update shall be on Thursday, November 29   


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