Anew Chinatown

As I stood in front of the Chinatown Public Library and glaze upon the new Walmart structure being built across the horizon, I thought to myself ‘yep, this is an example of modernization, a progress of making something new or renewing something that’s already out of date.

Walmart in Chinatown.

Now I’m not saying or am implying that I support major cooperation take overs, however, what I’m saying is that in order for a community to move forward it needs to accept and adjust to new changes.

For as long as I have been around the community of Chinatown, it has – for the most part – kept large companies out of town so to preserve the idea of purity within the community.

However, that idea has driven people out of the community to seek for something new. Yet, on the other hand, other people within the community and also those from out of town arrive to see Chinatown as its own unique community untouched by large outside companies will probably become disappointed to see a large company taking over local businesses.

Local Chinatown markets.

I’ve been debating these two perspectives with myself, and think that maybe a Walmart will help bring some convenient services and supplies to people living in or around the already diverse neighborhood; perhaps it will be a start to add some night life activities in the area since Chinatown usually closes down by 6pm or earlier; and for those who think a large company will completely wipe out local businesses, that won’t be true because there are somethings even Walmart cannot produce that will replace local Chinatown businesses.

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