Taco Stand Prelude

At the corner of Avenue 26 and Humbolt St. sits a humble little taco stand.

Never mind the size of the stand – it is the massive people who gather round this stand that ought to be a curious thing because every time I’ve pass by it, there is always a gathering of them in the same spot.

Personally, I’ve been thinking about having a taste of the food myself – only to draw back in hesitation because of the uncertainties that may occur in my consumption of the food. I may sound paranoid or simply narrow minded (or both) recalling the times I’ve had my fair share of bad food experiences when I decided to be a hero and take the risk of ordering unfamiliar food off menus or eating at restaurants none of my friends or family members knew existed… I can only shiver a bit from those past experiences. However, at other times, my heroic efforts actually turned out to be an awesome discovery because I was able to try something different and I gave myself an opportunity to refresh and reward my taste buds to something new.

I suppose it would be quite pointless for me to share my thoughts with you on such a discussion here have I have no objective to do something about my – shall we say food hesitation, if you will – for me to go on and on about this. Tell you what my dear reader, I’m going to take a small food trip over to this place and have myself a taste. And once I tasted it (and live to write another post) I shall share with you my opinion about the experience, sounds fair? Good, I’m glad we have had this discussion.

Enough talk: let’s go get some tacos; to the taco stand!

Will our writer’s heroic trip bring glory or will it bring shame upon his taste buds and stomach, and will the writer return to live to write another day?

Tune in Thursday, December 13 to find out!


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