Taco Stand Episode

Orders up at the Taco Stand
Order up at the Taco Stand!

As I stepped onto the sidewalk (or broken, uneven walkway) of Humbolt St. and Avenue 26 and headed towards the Taco Stand, I felt a little hesitant at first about the commitment to go forward with the action.

At the back of my mind I heard ‘do I really want to eat at this place?’ And of course, following up with that one question were a few arm load of other questions that soon popped in and I had to wrestle with them just so I can break away from my uneasiness.

However, I set my concerns aside, as soon as I heard the meat sizzling on the stove and heard the white flour tortillas slapped onto the stove as the woman behind it formed a few columns of them as she heated them up.

One of the two women running the Taco Stand.
One of the two women running the Taco Stand.

Not knowing what to order, I asked one of the customers what were some of the meats in front of us. The customer pointed out that there was: pork, beef, intestines, tongue,… After hearing the list of meats, I decided to go with the classic pork and beef tacos.

The woman behind the stove took two of the heated tortillas and grabbed each of the meats with the tortillas and wrapped it in foil and it was ready to go. And each taco only costed a buck! (If you can tell me a better deal for real Mexican tacos, do tell; no Del Tacos, Taco Bell, El Polo Loco or any of those chain food places, please.)

After receiving the tacos and paying for them, I proceed to the condiments table. This table was packed with different bucket loads of freshly diced onions and cilantro, chopped radish, cold blended green sauce and red salsa, cold blended spicy guacamole sauce, and quarter cut limes; the table also included plenty of napkins and sauce cups and lids – all ready to serve the customer’s needs and taste buds.

Ready for a bite of Taco from the Stand?
Ready for a bite of Taco from the Stand?

When I added in the portion of condiments to my warm tacos and bit into one, it was pretty good. The  meat was tender and the flour tortilla was chewy. Together the tacos were tasty, and left me wanting a little more. And like most Mexican tacos, they always leave a burning sensation in the mouth, if not in the throat..

Will I return to the Taco Stand? Yes, I would, and I will bring along some friends and family to the place and let them have a taste themselves of this little gem that’s only a short walk away.

Next Post: Thursday, December 20


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