Ready to Pho in Chinatown

Last week you saw my post on eating at the Taco Stand… and that turned out…. you remember, right? (in case you didn’t read here’s the post: ).

This week I left Lincoln Heights and went over to Chinatown for some pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noddle usually served in a medium to large bowl (depending on the size available and your request) in a beef broth soup and served with beef flank steak, tripe, and meatballs; in addition to the meat, vegetables like chopped white and green onions are added into the bowl along with optional raw bean sprouts, basil leaves, chopped jalapeno, and some lime wages (for its juice).

As I strolled into Chinatown I decided to check into this little place call GIGO’S Cafe & Deli on N. Broadway and College St. (across the street from Bank of America) and was impressed on how crowded it was inside.

Fortunately there was a seat for me as I entered. An older gentleman took my order as I ask for their large special combo bowl complete with all the specific ingredients mentioned in the pho description above.

Got Pho? A large bowl of beef noddle soup with all the fixes to fulfill one's craving.
Got Pho? A large bowl of beef noddle soup with all the fixes to fulfill one’s craving.

When the hot steamy bowl of pho arrived, served by a woman (who maybe the master chef) the meat was slightly rare on top of the soup, and mixing up the meat and noddles around in the bowl, I allow the meat to cook further in the hot soup. As I took my spoon and sipped the broth, the taste was well balanced with all the ingredients that incorporates a bowl of pho.

The price, including tip for the bowl of noddle soup and a hot cup of tea on that chilly afternoon came up to be nine dollars. Not too bad for an easy going place to relax and have a nice cozy sit down meal. Speaking of easy going, I spoke to the owner’s son who told me that this is their main restaurant, and he also tells me he’s also a former student in the LAUSD system.

So when you’re in Chinatown and looking for a nice warm meal or simply craving for some decent bowl of pho give them a try, and I promise you won’t want anything short of that quality taste you can expect from a family owned business.

Next week we’re going to check out my little hang out spot for Chinese food, yes the taste for Chinese food in Chinatown. It’s a place where my aunt and cousin recommended, and I haven’t refused to go whenever I have the opportunity. Join me here on Thursday, December 27 as we explore this little special gem.


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