Classic Chinese with Modern Twist At Chinatown

This week I journey back into Chinatown for some…..wanton noddle soup. Unlike pho, our dish from last week: (click here for reference) this classic dish is made using thin yellow egg noddles, chopped bok cho, chopped green onions, and of course stuffed mixture of pork, shrimp, and mixed vegetables pocketed inside each wanton and is served in a chicken or vegetable broth.

Now I’ve have had this dish in a handful of places in Chinatown. However, the place that has impressed my taste buds so far has to be at the New Dragon Seafood Restaurant (across the street from Pacific Alliance Medical Center).

Ready for some Wanton Noddle soup?
Ready for some Wanton Noddle soup?

What makes New Dragon’s wonton noddle different from the others is in its noddles. When you bite into the noddles they are quite al dente and the wontons makes a snapping  noise between your ears. These are a few telling signs of knowing that the chefs are using fresh ingredients in their dish.

Speaking of telling signs, the chefs also appears to take full pride in one’s work since their effort is not only to ensure one’s dish is good to eat, but also presentable so to wet one’s appetite to eat more (at least that’s the impression I get from their dishes, which earns extra credit from me because it seems anything you order, aside from wonton soup, will be as delicious). And the dishes at this place are very affordable  and will keep you happy and full along with your wallet.

Other than Wanton soup, New Dragon makes a pretty mean Chicken with black bean sauce dish.
Other than Wanton soup, here are New Dragon’s highlighted dish: Chicken with black bean sauce.

And did I mention this place is very family and friends friendly? The people and the service at this place are kind and knowledgeable (so if you don’t speak a word of Cantonese or Mandarin or any form of Chinese language or dialect, hey, they understand English).

Chow for now!

Next week’s post we’re going to check out a little Vietnamese shop where they make their famous fresh sandwich. See you next year on Jan. 3, 2013


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