Zzyzx Writerz Goes to Downtown L.A.


Last Sunday afternoon, the Zzyzx Writerz, a group established since May 2011, came together at downtown L.A.’s Last Bookstore. The gathering’s propose was to welcome friends, family and new friends to their first anthology launch party. The anthology, titled “A Three Hour Tour” was an extensive collaborative work where all group members contributed their best written works, their time, and efforts in helping to develop a book from its early, middle and final stage.

"A Three Hour Tour" anthology by Zzyzx Writerz. Picture complied by Lisa LaBrie
“A Three Hour Tour” anthology by Zzyzx Writerz. Picture complied by Lisa LaBrie

However, the direction towards completing the anthology wouldn’t have been possible without the persisting effort and guidance from the Zzyzx Writerz’ President Kimberly Cobian who was always going the extra mile in helping and attending to her group member’s needs and concerns. Her strong leadership has raised and inspired members to become leaders themselves. One of the many members who demonstrated his most ambitious goal in helping to pull all the technological configurations together and packaging it all in for print has been the wonderfully brave Michael Churchman. And to recognize the value of his time and effort, Kimberly presented him with an official certificate of the Zzyzx Writerz member award along with a figure in a frame.

So to celebrate the group’s accomplishment and to immortalize the current Zzyzx Writerz’ moment in the spotlight, the members shared their presence with the guest of friends and family in the live musical performances from guest musicians, gave a live reading of one’s work, and provided the friends and family to their pot luck feast in commemorating the official event.

Current Zzyzx WriterZ in picture (L to R) Lalo Kikiriki, Levi Quintana, Armando Ortiz, Kimberly Cobian, Henry Chow, Lisa LaBrie and Nghia “Ken” Lieu.

Wanna hear an interview with some of the Zzyzx Writerz of what inspired them to do what they do and how they managed to shoot this picture above? Click here for an exclusive podcast.

Hope you have enjoyed all of 2012 postings and this week’s too. The Lincoln Press will be taking a three weeks break from its regular weekly updates and will resume its works on Thursday, February 7th.

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