A Hidden Los Angeles Branch Library?

You probably may have passed by it or may given it a quick glance, but it may not have occur to you to step foot into this branch library in the city of Los Angeles.

Perhaps it’s the nameless brick building or a missing permante schedule or a flag that may be causing people to drive or walk by the place without taking a second glance to see what this place has to offer.

Behind these doors: Malabar Branch library front entrance.
Behind these doors: Malabar Branch library front entrance.

This place, Malabar Library is one of thirteen branches considered to be a part of the Northeast region libraries is located on the edge of East L.A.’s community.

Stepping inside the library, you immediately forget your outside surrounding and enter a tranquil place where your thoughts are clear and can easily be gathered – at least most of the time, anyway since the place can get pretty loud from time to time.

But most of the time, the place is where people go to read, relax, or work on their academic pursuits or to enjoy one’s leisure time away from the chaos that fills one’s life.

How ever one approaches the purpose of this library, make sure you’re not the ones left out in taking a chance in seeing what this library has to offer you when you’re in town.

See you next week on Thursday, Feb. 21. 


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