Rank your Branch Library

Last week we talked about the hidden library branch in the Los Angeles system. This week we’re going to briefly talk about a library that’s actually number one in the Northeast region.

Now I don’t know if the number is meant to rank the library’s quality of service or support to the public because all the branch libraries I’ve visited are good and have their own unique approach to helping one out, and it wouldn’t be fair to say one library is better than the other. However, I think the number is used to determine which library begins in the system and it continues to be counted until all of them are accounted for based on the its location.

So which library is first in the system’s count? I’ll give you a hint: it’s located in East L.A. and the library that’s next to it is Lincoln Heights.

Stay tuned for the answer for next week, and another post on this blog.

Next update: Thur., Feb. 28 March 7th (Promise!) 


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