Live Out Your Fantasy or Fantasies…

at your local comic book store… Okay, maybe living out your nerdy or geeky alter ego at your local comic book store will be a better way of phrasing it. That’s how I shamelessly live my moments when I get a chance to step away from my reality and head over to Burbank to one of my favorite comic store, The House of Secrets. Although I must confess that House of Secrets isn’t my local comic book store, it is, however, a home store away from home which feels like a local comic store to me.

I always feel somehow privileged to enter through the door as my reality stops and waits outside for me as I enter another world where characters like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Lady Sif, Thor, Wolverine, The Simpsons and other heroes or cartoon characters you can recall welcomes me back to stay awhile as I become intoxicated with the store’s fresh smell of printed comic books.

Literally, there's no escaping from seeing the titles, images and names of a diverse selection of comics at HOS.
Literally, there’s no escaping from seeing the titles, images and names of a diverse selection of comics at HOS.

To be surrounded by several titles, images, and toys in comics, I become less aware of my fellow readers and more in tune with the materials in front, side, and around me as I pass from one shelf aisle of comics and enter another. And because this store is filled with a diverse selection of comics, some of them are stored in carbon boxes, labeled and organized accordingly.  As I browse through them, I would find myself losing track of time since the street parking outside the store only allows an hour for one to stay there.

I suppose reality never ceases to peak and calls out to me through the door since time is always ticking, always ticking and always ticking away. (Pardon the repetition). Once I have my fix of materials for the week, or mostly for the weekend, I take ’em to the front counter and have them arranged and priced by the clerk working behind the counter as I get myself ready to pay for them. One of the thing I enjoy about this place (which brings me to another point) is that the store offers their customers discounts on comics, and yes, that includes new releases and on one already out on the shelves.

The staffs' work speaks for itself.
The staffs’ work speaks for itself.

But the real story that makes this place a must go or a must visit are the people who work in and behind the scenes at the store. I will, however, reserve that story and tell it another time. But in the mean time, the story lies within the works already done by them when one pays this store a visit. (And no, I am not paid or sponsored by House of Secrets or by the city of Burbank to write and publish this post). In short, if you’re looking for a change of scene or are new to the comic world or whichever reason it may be, I would suggest you give House of Secrets a chance to cater to you with your needs and nurture your curiosity.

Next Post: Thursday, March 14th (Promise!) 


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