No One Walks The Streets Of L.A.

At least that’s how a song lyric goes or in this case word of advice to heed to when there’s little to no light in particular streets near one’s community. The particular streets, in this case, are the infamous Humbolt and Avenue 25 because both of these streets are in need to have their lights repaired immediately.

The urgency to have these lights repair will have immediate positive effect on the rest of the community ranging from ensuring their properties and people within the community are respected, properties and people are seen clearly on sight so to reduce and eliminated unnecessary accidents, and to give the street a more welcoming, (okay, maybe welcoming is too sugar coated of a word to use). Okay, how this: a decent way to help guide both drivers and pedestrians around the streets at night and allow them a view of at night, instead of reminding or alerting one that one’ll get mugged. (Meh, sounds like I’m pretty much repeating myself).

Let’s fix our damn lights (and our roads too; sick of all of pot holes… that’s going on the To Do List as well and perhaps on another post on this blog) and give the community a sense of security. And to make sure this problem gets addressed immedately, instead of me simply ranting and throwing my angry thoughts down on this blog, I plan to contact the city’s Bureau of Street Lighting and see how we can proceed from there. Wish me luck dear readers ’cause the last thing I want to hear and have to follow up on this blog is to announce that, “something and / or someone went bump in the dark in the community ’cause the damn lights weren’t fixed and that I had one of too many excuses to explain it to you and I simply have no time to do so. (Let’s uncross our eyes now).

  Next Post Up: Thur., Sept. 12th


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