An Unpleasent Walk in the Dark

Recently I’ve developed a sense of urgent awareness- where I become super conscious of my surroundings – especially in the dark, walking in and around my community.

Danger Lurks Everywhere: Even on the street of Humbolt, especially at night.
Danger Lurks Everywhere: Even on the street of Humbolt, especially at night.

When I walk, I noticed I would take quick glances over my shoulders making sure no one’s following me or sneak up from behind. In addition, I would make a few adjustments in my posture so to be ready when an attacker do decide to launch one’s first move.

Perhaps I’m over thinking and over reacting to a situation completely fabricated in my mind; however, it is better to be prepare and alert to one’s surrounding than to be completely caught off guard and get thrown off (figuratively and literally, of course). Another reason one can’t doubt the possible danger one may or may not get into is of course the environment one live in. Again, there is always hints and evidences in this side of the community where one has to be on one’s toe and watch everyone and everything that moves and listen to every single sound (not literally) but at least pay attention so one doesn’t run into harm’s way.

Of course should an attacker arrive or an attack occur, the motive is simply a personal gain; the only thing one should be more afraid or fear for one’s life would arrive from an animal or a beast without reason (a person who’s lost reason) ’cause that would be one heck of an attack to escape from. But kidding aside, always be alert and ready to take on your challenge.

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