Government Healthcare (Not the best, could be worse)

Landmark: Los Angeles Old County Hospital building is the symbol of L.A.'s closest public health provider.
Landmark: Los Angeles Old County Hospital building.

Let’s get one thing straight: the United States healthcare system isn’t perfect, and it isn’t any better with the government now being up front and maintaining its system especially since the enrollment became active on October 1st.

Like tens of thousands, if not more of uninsured Americans flooded into the government healthcare website when enrollment day opened, I found it painfully frustrating to wait and wait and wait for a particular page to completely load up its images and text so I can insert my information and proceed to simply create a personal account. However, once I was able to submit my information for the account, (and again had to wait and wait and wait for the confirmation page to arrive) I noticed that the website, when it finally loaded to the so-called conformation page, the website completely erased all my information (ohh did my face turn raspberry blue).

After a few blue moments, I decided to call it quits since this method isn’t going to work. And I started asking around and I had a few friends who told me about a health program that’s located nearby the community. I gave my friends’ advice a shot and decided to inquire about the entry into the program.

It turns out that I do qualify for the program, and I simply needed to return with the paper work and have some filler-in time to go through and complete the registration.

L.A. symbol of public healthcare provider.
L.A. symbol of public healthcare provider.

The next day, waking up around 6:40 at the crack of dawn, my sister and I got ready and made our journey to the healthcare office (more like the social services / billing department, if you ask me) and told the person in front our purpose and the person told us to fill out our information and take a seat until our numbers were called.

After two hours of waiting at our seats, and developing sore rears, our numbers were finally called and we entered into the office and into a cubical and had our applications reviewed. The person who was conducting the review as well as the interview, was respectful and did the best that one could to help us get our applications processed. Once that was complete, the person told us what to expect within a month’s time frame before the program officially actives.

Leaving the office that day, I remember saying to my sister and to myself out loud, “we have health insurance again like we did when we were kids.” And let’s make sure this insurance doesn’t expire or abandon one when one needs it most.

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One thought on “Government Healthcare (Not the best, could be worse)”

  1. Ultimately the technical glitches will wash away and we’ll have a national health insurance system that will work much better for us all. Next, when we get past the private insurance special interests to the free choice of a more efficient public single-payer alternative (operating like Medicare) to private for-profit healthcare (private enterprise), the overhead costs we pay for health insurance will drop from 32 percent (private enterprise) down to about 8 percent (current Medicare overhead costs) and a lot more of our money can actually go to pay for what we want and need: more doctors, more hospital services and more treatment. The reason we need and buy collective insurance in the first place.

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