A Collection of Miniature Missions in East Los Angeles

Not quite in church: this is an inside view of one of the student's mission model.
Not quite inside a church: this is an inside view of one of the student’s mission model.

Beauty can be found simply by looking around and learning to recognize it (that’s true in my case when I visited the Benjamin Franklin Public Library this past week.)

Located in East L.A., this library like most libraries, stays connected with its community through art and school representations. As you walk through the entrance, you’ll immediately noticed large mural of art works that painted on the high wall above the library’s reference desk. And when you turn to your right (a room reserve for community meetings and special event gathering) have plenty of class pictures from local schools in the community decorated on its window frames.

From above: Sitting quietly above the books rest the students' mission models.
From above: Sitting quietly above the books rest the students’ mission models.

When you walk further into the library, and enter into the children’s section, you’ll notice not only the large selections of children’s books, but what’s on top of the shelves. Sitting quietly still are miniature California missions done, not by professionals, but by children from the local elementary schools. The details of each missions appearance were carefully taken into consideration since every single component were included to give the viewer a sense of what the real one would be like. And to make the miniatures look and feel almost like real things – dirt, stone and pebbles, evergreen leaves and branches from trees – to mention a few of the elements – were added on for detail texture.

The raw material adds to the student's mission model.
The raw materials add to the student’s mission model.

And one of the things that threw me off was that someone told me the miniatures – in some places actually have them on sale. What? A sale on student’s projects? Who would think of such a thing? Profiting from student’s work? And why? But in case you’re wondering where to get any offers, I can’t help you out on that. But if you’re in the community of Boyle Heights or near East Los Angeles, feel free to drop on by the Benjamin Franklin library and take a look around; it’s quite a view!

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